Have become known for their passion for teaching and dynamic and expressive performances. They are currently based in Oxford, as directors of the biggest tango school in the UK, comprised of two thriving tango academies: The Northern Tango Academy and Oxford Tango Academy.  They have been guest artists in tango schools, milongas and festivals across the world, including the Mallorca Tango Festival, Blackpool Tango Festival, Nottingham Tango Festival, Porto Tango Festival, Ulverston International Music Festival, Karlsruhe Festival, Che London Tango Festival and The International Book Fair Mexico 2015, as special guests representing the British Council. They have also been part of shows with important orchestras such as Tango Siempre, Aurora Orchestra and Daniel Melingo. They were finalists in the World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires in the category of Tango Salon (de pista) in 2015.   For more information about us, including videos, photos and agenda visit: www.miriamydante.com.

We have been working on our pedagogy over the last eight years and have developed a unique method for learning, using a lot of conceptual explanations as well as detailed technique and often some anatomical explanation. We have found certain ways of explaining both movements and body awareness which improve student's dancing significantly - we have also of course had the opportunity to study with some of the important maestros in Buenos Aires and have adapted and adjusted key concepts based on our own dancing experiences. Our backgrounds and our trajectory are quite different from most dance couples and this has given us a unique pedagogical approach - which we are always excited to share with our students.

Our tango academies are the only ones in the UK to have resident teachers from Argentina.  We carefully select talented couples to join our team, who are both exceptional dancers as well as strong teachers in order to give you the best tango training.  Visit the "Our teachers" tab for more details! 

Miriam & Dante - Blackpool Tower - October 2016