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In preparation for your wedding dance we will teach you the basics of tango and prepare an individualised choreography for you with the tango music of your choice. There are various options for you to choose from in order to prepare you for your wedding dance.  The option that you choose in the end will very much depend on how much time you have until your wedding and your previous dance experience.
We recommend to all couples that they attend group lessons, if at all possible, as this will give you a feel for tango and an appreciation of the basic technique.  You can attend these group lessons before or at the same time as taking private lessons.
We offer three different packages, each of which include varying numbers of private and group classes.  Before we start teaching you your choreography in the private classes we will also meet to discuss the clothes, shoes and space in which you will be dancing on your wedding day and the music you would like to dance to, so that we can make your wedding dance perfect for you!

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