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Buenos Aires

Join us on our yearly "pilgrimage" to the birthplace of Tango. A visit to Buenos Aires is on every dancer's bucket list, and here's why: the city is bursting with inspiration. We come back transformed. 

A 2-week trip to the other side of the world can be a daunting prospect, especially if you are going for the first time.  Our aim is to introduce you to the best milongas, teachers, classes and activities. We will share with you our knowledge, tips and tricks for navigating the bustle of this busy city. This way you will get the best possible experience and find the confidence to travel alone! 


What's included:

Intensive Tango training 

We have invited our favourite world-class teachers to share their expertise with you every day during the trip. Our small-group format means you will have ample time to ask questions, request topics and receive personalised feedback. We also invite experienced dancers to dance with you in the class so that you always have a dance partner to learn with.

City tours

To dance Tango is to dance culture and experiences. We will take you round the most important landmarks of the city, and you will also receive a professional guided of some of the iconic areas for Tango. We will go for coffee in the traditional cafes where the most beautiful tango lyrics were born, and will visit the best places to buy shoes, clothes and tailored suits. 

High standard accommodation

One important reason people choose to travel with us is for the sense of close-knit community we achieve through small groups and a shared private house. You will have your own comfortable private en-suite room, as well as free access to a fully equipped shared kitchen, dining room, living room, TV room, study and patio/garden area. 

Nightly milongas

From over 30 milongas to choose from per night, the best way to explore the night life in Buenos Aires is to travel with experienced dancers. We will take you to the very best places in town... the hidden "gems" where only locals go! 

Our team of dancers will accompany us so that you will never be short of great tandas. Get ready to party!