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St Giles' Church, Oxford, 10 Woodstock Road, Oxford, UK

Intermediate technique

8pm - 9pm

In intermediate level class focused on technique. Students are encouraged to start creating their own sequences and linking them with fluidity and musicality. Followers are taught to be more active in their own right, making for a deeper and more meaningful connection. Levels vary within the class so the content is adapted and students are challenged depending on their ability. We begin the class with technique focused exercises, solo or in partners.


9pm - 10pm

Learn to dance Milonga and Vals, the sisters and counterparts of Tango. Derived from the African Candombe, Milonga dance is rythmical and fast paced (and great fun!), while Vals is more lyrical, circular and romantic. This class will help you to dance confidently in Milonga (social dance), as you learn to play with different types of music and discover steps which are typical to each style.


  • £10 per class (£8 student / £6 OUTS student)

  • £15 per two consecutive classes (£12 student / £10 OUTS student)

We accept cash and card payments.

Please note that classes do not run on bank holidays.  Make sure to check the calendar in case of any cancellation!
Getting there:

St Giles’ Church is at the north of Oxford city centre, where St Giles’ splits into the Woodstock and Banbury Roads. It is a short walk from the bus and train stations. Parking in the evening can be found on the single yellow lines near the church, or on Little Clarendon Street opposite the church.

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