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a one-to-one class in which a female teacher is helping a male student and smiling

Private classes

Boost your learning with one-to-one tuition. This is the quickest and most efficient way to progress in tango!

Private classes can be taken as a complement to group classes or as your main method of learning.

Sessions can be arranged based on your availability and location. 

Prices vary depending on teacher, venue and type of session (private class, guided practice or private group tuition).

Benefit from class packages at a discounted price.

Our private classes can be arranged for individuals, couples or a small group of people.  From preparing beginner students for their first milonga to coaching advanced students for Tango Competitions, these individually curated sessions are designed for dancers of all levels.

a couple, dancing tango, looking focused

''I have learnt so much from classes with Dante. He really focuses on the abilities of the person he is dancing with, so can give you precise technical corrections but will also push your dancing further than you thought you were capable of.

The classes are a happy balance of working on details without forgetting how joyful dancing can be. His tango knowledge is huge and he encourages his students to dance and explore tango in a way that suits them as individuals. We are lucky to have such a great dancer and teacher based here!''

~ Rebecca, North London
Dante and his partner dancing together in class, smiling


picture from the waist upwards of Dante Culcuy, the director and main teacher at Oxford Tango Academy. He is leaning against a wall in a blue suit, smiling.

Dante Culcuy

Learn with one of the UK’s most skilled and highly rated teachers. With over 15 years of teaching experience, his valued insight will add a whole new depth to your dance. His classes are expertly tailored to suit your needs and will ensure that you are well equipped to reap the full benefits which Tango has to offer. One hour for one person or couple: £70 + room hiring, or package of 3 classes: £180 + room hiring

head shot of Lilie, a teacher at Oxford Tango Academy

Lilie Festa

Lilie offers classes for beginner students as well as guided practice sessions for all levels. Guided practice sessions are a popular option for leaders wishing to practice steps and concepts covered in group classes, whilst receiving detailed feedback from an experienced follower.

Dante and Lilie, the teachers, dancing in a milonga, looking at each other. Picture taken from above.

Dante and Lilie

These classes are particularly popular for leaders. Lilie is able to give you insight from a follower's point of view, focusing on technique and sensation. Meanwhile, Dante provides detailed instruction and feedback from the outside, with a focus on form, musicality, sequences and more.

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